Modern Clarity

The essential elements of water and color bring the essence of the subtropics into a Miami condominium.

By LindaMarx   |   Photographs by Daniel Newcomb

When Jennifer Corredor of The J Design Group designed this 2- bedroom, 2½-bath, waterfront condo in Miami, her biggest challenge was to add color and create a dining area out of a small but charming space. TheCoralGables-based designer had never met the couple when they hired her earlier this year to transform their 15 thfloor, 2000-square-foot vacation home into a modern, minimalist stunner with splashy sub-tropical colors.


The globe-trotting, Barcelona-based executive and his engineer wife had seen Corredor’s work on the Internet and were blown away by her use of art, color and clean design to create a livable environment. They learned through continuous telephone conversations that the designer understood how to utilize the beauty ofMiami and its dazzling waterfront while keeping the home spare, lean and bright. So they hired her at the end of January to work her magic on their new American home.


“This was a fascinating project that moved at lightning speed,” says Corredor, a native of Jamaica. “The wife is Colombian and the husband is Canadian. They live in Spain with their two children, and basically hired me by phone to furnish their condo.But I had changes in mind to help the men joy Miami. And they agreed.”

For example, Corredor thought the powder room needed to be dressed up, so she changed the doors to become modern and warm with clean lines. She also ordered a special green glass treatment that she designed and had installed byK&G. She added a green frosted glass pedestal sink and matching green sun fixture on the wall.


For the den/guest room, she added a glass partition and worked to transforma dark and somber space into a playful palette of bold color. “I added a red wall in geometric design and a frosted door outlined with exotic wood,” she says. “I used furnishings to make the den lively, including a modern carpet from Sweden, and I added punches of color.”

For the difficult dining area, she incorporated the table into an island junction off of the kitchen, adding a clever vignette that is both functional and fashionable. The dining table was custom designed, produced and installed by the MiamiWall Unit Group, a company that knows how to incorporate furniture into tight spaces.

“The island is used for dining and doing work,” the designer says. “The family can eat at the table, and for other purposes that they choose, it also becomes a standard island. This is a vacation home, so the family doesn’t cook much. But they will spend more time here now that the design is complete.”

Corredor found just the right places in the kitchen to add color. The back spash shines in aqua glass emulating tones from the ocean, and the vivid green bar stools which double as dining chairs by Icon Furniture blend with the earth tones of the cabinets, bases and countertops as well as the stainless steel appliances. Bold greens in the floral art work hanging on the wall are intended to capture the purity ofMiami and play off of the color of the bar stools. The contemporary living room/family room is another brilliant use of color on white,which again, started as a virtual blank palette. With great floor-to-ceiling window/door views of Biscayne Bay leading to Key Biscayne, the designer had to decide what colors would work with the outside sneaking in via a spacious balcony.


So she found a bold orange contemporary painting to hang above the white sofa made of versatile Alcantara fabric from KMP Furniture. She picked a splashy orange and white throw rug to go over theOpus Stone floors. The orange painting brings out the orange in the rug, adding understated zip to the room. Atop the rug is an imported tempered glass coffee table curved underneath for magazines. White swivel chairs round out the vignette. She designed a green wall as the backdrop to the Samsung LED7000 TV and used cable lighting and sconces to complete the ambience in this room. The outdoor colors work well with the great water views visible through the window/doors.

Interior-Feature2x-11Similarly, the master bedroom has beautiful bay views with the blue of the water and sky dominating a full side of the room from window/doors leading to the balcony. The room has a hushed silence in pure white repeated by the low,modern, king-sized bed appointed in white with a beige pillow.Above is a rectangular framed painting absent of bright color but for yellow.

To perk up the roomand accentuate the yellow, Corredor added a red swivel chair, which plays off of the hanging pendant lamps in red glass.“We are inMiami andwith an all white apartment, I had to bring back warmth and color,” she laughs. “Besides, the clients wanted something different fromwhat they have in Barcelona. Imade it refreshing and revitalizing.”

The children’s room also has the water views and features a pair of Trundle beds with white side tables and lamps with glass shades on pedestals from West Elm. The walls are off white so the designer added a sassy green stripe to jazz it up. “This room is different from what you would expect,” says Corredor. “I wanted the stripe across the wall to add both color and design to the all white room. People like color, and I love to integrate it into these wonderful water views.”

She went for more outdoor colors on the balcony that wraps around the condo. Green bean bag chairs surround a modern resin coffee table with stained glass legs, continuing on the outsidewhat she had accomplished inside.

“We did quite a bit in a short amount of time, and it all blends to showcase the beauty of the water,” she says. It’s no secret that Corredor loves her work. To recreate such a bland space into a spectacular contemporary condo in less than a year is quite a task. But the clients gave her free reign to do her thing, and they have no regrets. “I feel exhilarated when I look at the finished product,” says Corredor. “I do every project with heart.But I feel especially proud of this one and am pleased with the materials we selected. In the end, it is all about the client’s happiness. From the look of excitement on their faces, I know we have a winner.”