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This captivating living room, with a backdrop of the South Florida beach, shows earth tones throughout the complete color scheme, with hints of gold. The chandelier embellishes this area as well.


By Annabella Goshen

As the real estate motto says, it’s all about location, location, location. So when it comes to interior design in South Florida, it is essential to integrate the sandy beaches and glistening shore to create a color palette of earth tones. Incorporating this to a subtle blend of impressive art and accessories allows a pop of vivid colors which reflect sunny South Florida, says interior design expert Sarah Zohar from Sarah Z Designs.

Interior + Design
Notice the brownish beige wallpaper, with a delicate sheer, next to white crown moldings. White and brownish beige shades embellish the room. In addition to this, velvet chairs provide comfort and luxury.

Sarah Zohar has been able to deliver comfortable, blissful and functional spaces to meet her clients’ needs. Her philosophy and vision is to promote an ambience of functionality, serving the purpose of each space while flawlessly interpreting her clients’ visions.

—Sarah, if someone were to remodel or refresh a space in South Florida, what would be the most appropriate colors or tones?

—Creating beautiful interior spaces with elegance and sophistication brings homes to life. Thanks to the breathtaking views that most South Florida apartments offer, residents should feel a sense of ease in their homes. This is translated into soft, clean tones such as beige, white, and marble. Offering hints of color through fresh cut flowers and accessories will create a quaint and highly coveted look.

— What are the most important tasks pertaining to working with an interior designer?

— First, it is paramount to have synergy between the interior designer and the client. The client has needs, tastes and ideas that will spark a personalized design for the residential vision. This is the true philosophy of taste, where the designer’s visualization of each space with ideas combined with the client’s lifestyle will create the impeccable and complete space. With an analysis of the conceptual design, budgets and pertinent information, the final reveal will exemplify interfacing beauty with practicality.

Sarah Z Designs is characterized by a classic style of modern, transitional and eclectic designs within the realm of luxury residential interior design. This South Florida apartment was inspired by the client’s Colorado and Chicago homes, and the primordial emphasis was on the South Florida relaxed ambience. This style reflects a clean flow of texture in harmony with rich fabrics and wall coverings. The combination of materials is a vital element to create the ultimate space, based on the individual’s wants and needs. For instance, this classic transitional beauty incorporated stunning lighting fixtures fluidly placed throughout the apartment, with sophisticated combinations of gold and silver. The wild touch of texture provides a “wow factor,” with details of snakeskin and cheetah print dining chairs surrounding a dining table of Aztec gold cut-out drum bass with a simple oak top.

Finally, the lighting offers a perfect finishing touch. In a home, the lighting is the icing on the cake, since it will establish the mood of the room as well as the size of the area. Chandeliers that match the home’s charming atmosphere continue to offer a relaxed feeling. The final result is a cozy, peaceful and luxurious residence, perfect for a South Florida view.

— Sarah, you have embellished many South Florida homes following your particular way of thinking; how can you sum up your design philosophy?

— Simple: “great designs come from the soul of life!”