The Art of Coastal Dwelling

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Saota, Cape Town based international architectural firm, has been revolutionizing residential living throughout the world, one structure at a time. Here they share with us one such structure, a coastal home for the senses.

By Annabella Goshen

Saota,  the awarded firm of renowned architectural designers Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, Greg Truen, Phillippe Fouché and Mark Bullivant, has contributed extensively to innovative architectural design on all continents.

Design + Interior

Saota has a clear vision with regards to its values and company initiatives. which are based on sustainability, elegance, innovation, high standards, functionality and social responsibility. The company’s projects in Miami, Sydney, Moscow, Dubai, Lake Geneva, and Los Angeles, among others, all show this philosophy.

Achieving the right balance between functionality and architecture has allowed Saota to make a name for itself in corporate, institutional, commercial and residential architecture. According to Saota, “we strive to promote a service marked by excellence both in our buildings and in addressing the needs of our clients, with the focus on high standards & elegance”.

The sample project presented in this article is named Beachyhead, and it is located in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Its project leader was Phillippe Fouché, interior design was created by Cécile & Boyd, and the project team was comprised of Stefan Antoni, Greg Truen and Mias Claassens. With such panoramic views, this home encapsulates cozy living with luxurious surroundings. The objective was to design a family holiday home that incorporated the coastal views. As a holiday enclave offering respite, the clients wished to have a comfortable yet stylish touch. With impressive views of the Indian Ocean, Robberg to the south east and the Outeniqua Mountains in the distance towards the north, this holiday home took the scenic views and sunlight vastly into consideration.

According to director and project leader Phillippe Fouché, “The clients approached Saota to design a family holiday home that responded to the site, especially the views. They wanted a relaxing, yet elegant home that would be comfortable when entertaining many guests whilst also feeling intimate and cozy when it’s only one or two of them in the house”.

First, symbolisms throughout this home became the foundation of this architectural design. The representation of earth is omnipresent in this design, stemming from the inspiring natural surroundings to the stone plinth. Earthy colors and materials, such as stone, sand and timber throughout the home create a sense of relaxation and connection to the land. These earthy tones create a seamless juxtaposition with  the natural views.

Design + Interior
Panoramic views along with floor to ceiling windows embellish the rooms.


Next, the creations of geometric shapes along the home are quite appealing. The staircase contains a diagonal line, with a vast skylight that allows natural light. Straight lines are in synergy with the horizon, and its floor to ceiling windows maximize the exposure to the oceanic views.

Design + InteriorThe earthy and comfortable furniture creates a cozy perception. Details throughout the home, including warm candles, a tree trunk that is used as a coffee table and pristine landscaping has allowed this home to be both architecturally appealing and pleasant for relaxation.

Well thought-out details are incorporated such as making sure that the pool is located in close proximity to the main living rooms, and there is ample space for entertaining throughout the common areas. The kitchen is centrally and strategically positioned to cater to guests, while ample seating is suitable for entertaining.

This architectural representation of coastal living creates a clear connection between nature and the art of dwelling in it.