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Party Design
Walking towards a chuppah filled with the most beautiful orchids with candles under the transparent floor will surely leave guests mesmerized.


By Annabella Goshen |  Photography by Matt Horton, Artist group and Carlos Baez



In a lavish event, there is always someone behind the scenes. In the case of some Miami events, that person is Lisi Korn from an event planning/management and design company called Forever Events, which plans and takes care of the logistical and planning process, and also the complete design of the event.

Lisi Korn, president and founder of the event company, seeks to create and convey a unique event through her meticulous design. With the intricate use of sophisticated materials, floral arrangements and unique designs, she is able to create the desired ambience.

Party Design
Forever Events adds the perfect touch to the creation of memorable events, taking the five senses into consideration.
The visual aesthetic and smell of the lavish flowers create a fashion statement within an event.

Lisi originally studied fashion marketing, and she first wanted to focus on fashion production. In Miami, she worked freelance within the realm of fashion show product in fashion shows such as the renowned events held during Fashion Week. As she soon realized, her passion and inclination geared towards embellishing social events, so she delved into a totally new field, the world of event planning.

Lisi deviated from the world of fashion design and into the world of event management, but nonetheless, her tremendous success can be attributed to her stylistic perception. Within the scope of event planning/management and design, fashion is important, since it entails production, event style, colors and design. Thanks to her unique fashion oriented eye, Forever Events has been enhancing events for 8 years.

Party Design
A candle lit event at the beach creates an intimate and romantic setting.

For Lisi, her inspiration is pervasive. She can become inspired from anything, stemming from a conversation with clients to the venue. Depending on the types of events that she is working on, she can become inspired from daily aspects of life, such as fashion, restaurants and even the children’s books she reads to her son.

Lisi Korn is able to create weddings, bar mitzvahs, parties and social corporate events. Not only does she specifically design personal events, but she has also created a distinguished name for herself in the corporate realm, offering product launches, brand openings and corporate parties.


Party Design
Although purely white weddings have been replicated a myriad of times,
Forever Events creates a sense of uniqueness to each event, incorporating
lighting and textures.



When working with an event planner or event planning/management and design company, it is essential to trust this person unconditionally. After all, this designated person will make decisions for you and work side by side with you.


It is paramount to state what your style is, what you are open to, and what you are not inclined to. This allows the event planner and designer to understand your personality, style and preferences.


Whether your priority is to work with certain colors, stay within a desired budget, or a theme, communication is key towards attaining synergy and reflecting this in the event.
“For me, it’s all about being sophisticated. Not all clients are shabby chic, modern, traditional, among other styles, but the idea is to make everything and carry out the sophistication.”

A successful approach towards designing and thinking through the event is to analyze it as an interior designer. It is not about the particular chair itself, but the overall creation. For instance, the preferred tablecloth can lead to a striking centerpiece or vice versa, and in order to create the concept, everything must function and flow just as one designs a home; each detail needs to be taken into consideration so the style is synergistic.
According to Lisi, “there is no such thing as an event being too big or too small for me, its about utilizing the right elements and knowing how to combine them to create wow moments and events”.

An important and crucial aspect for Lisi is that regardless of how many times you can walk into a room, Forever Events tries to create something different in each event. Even though someone can attend the same venue, that venue needs to look different and unique. You do not want to have a déjà vu of a previous event within the same venue or style. Henceforth, through Lisi’s talent, she is able to create something different. By taking into account the personalities of the clients, taking the time and getting to know them, it is possible to dream about a unique event that will last forever.

Lisi explains, “how can you make a white wedding that everyone has seen before but make it totally different?” I work with the five senses, making the flavors, scents, colors and imagery different, making an everlasting yet unique experience, totally á la mode.

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