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Party Design Spring 2016


By Annabella Goshen | Photography by Domino Arts Photography,  Kerka’s Image and Markos Leave Photography

Corinne Abuaram, Director of Social Events at event production powerhouse Blooming Events International, has a successfully proven approach towards special event design. Her keen eye for design paired with her desire for true perfection allows her to create personalized events that bring the visions of her clients to life.

“My events are the translation of one’s imagination,” she says. An idea, a conversation, or even a life-long dream sets the tone for her designs, while the event’s venue forms the template for her creativity. To Corinne, it is important to embrace each venue by tastefully drawing further inspiration from the existing elements such as the ballroom carpet, walls, and fixtures. “Each client picks their venue based on their preferences. Rather than trying to take away from the integrity of the space, I do my best to integrate my décor elements with the motif.” Being a part of the Blooming Events International team allows Corinne to provide an extraordinary advantage to her clients. Having in-house floral, carpentry, graphics, and audio-visual departments gives her the ability to design and create the unimaginable, as well as the freedom to produce events world-wide. You can usually hear her say, “If I don’t already own it, I’ll make it!”

As with most things, timing is everything. Staying informed with current fashion trends keeps Corinne’s designs fresh and innovative. She is constantly educating herself on the latest colors, textures, and styles from all around the world. For instance, the Chanel Camellia flower recently took center-stage on Parisian runways, captivating the attention of one of her clients. Thus, Corinne utilized her client’s fashion appeal as inspiration for the chuppah’s design. She created a jaw-dropping backdrop, made of a myriad of white camellia flowers, to complement the modern-inspired acrylic chuppah. The combination, although simple, was refined and exuberated elegance. Such inspirations tend to generate a creative ripple effect in Corinne, leading her to further develop the client’s vision by means of lighting and projections.

After designing the overall concept, Corinne focuses on every detail. She says, “Anyone who knows me and has seen my designs, understands that I am all about perfection. The ‘big-picture’ gives guests their first impression of an event, but the details are what they take home with them. They define the persona of the event, and for that reason, details are of upmost importance to me.” Corinne is known for delivering her signature inspiration of hanging crystal chandeliers over her crafted centerpieces in order to soften the sleek and modern table designs.

Corinne’s designs have evolved over the years through her travels as she utilizes various patterns, textures and elements from cultures all over the world. She enjoys combining modern and classic styles to create an innovative and eclectic look. Even when mothers and daughters present with conflicting design preferences, Corinne has an elegant way of bringing two distinctive tastes together seamlessly. In one occasion, she combined rich regal textures of linens, lush florals, and elaborate lighting with sleek modern mirrored elements, creating a dream wedding fit for royalty.

Hence, no detail is too small for Corinne. As every event is tailored to each individual, so too is the design of the dessert display. For instance, one of her clients envisioned a bakery-style display where attendants would be serving the guests instead of the usual table displaying all the desserts at once. She then replicated the interior of a French Patisserie, bringing the client’s vision to life. A custom counter was built with crystal chandeliers hung overhead and finished with a backdrop of shelving to display the client’s desserts, giving her guests a luxurious experience.

As Corinne explains, “I like linear, fashion-oriented elegance with a specific architectural design. Every design that I put out is a reflection of myself.” She has shown that no vision is too big, far or small. Corinne’s passion for creating unforgettable moments for her clients is the essence of her being.

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