Generation To Generation

Nily Falic giving her speech at the FIDF Miami Solidarity Gala.


By Annabella Goshen  |  Photography by Carlos Chattah


Only words such as compassionate, kind and dedicated could describe Nily and Jana Falic, two women with initiative. Thanks to their generosity and benevolence, these philanthropic Zionist leaders have touched numerous lives while ameliorating and empowering the lives of people in need throughout Israel.

Generation to generation


Mrs. Nily Falic is a 7th generation Sabra, and her family is descended from a long line of rabbis and idealists who participated in the establishment of the State of Israel. Her Zionist husband, who was born and raised in Russia, helped her widen her horizons about cultures and languages that have impacted her life as a whole.

An ardent supporter of Jewish causes, Nily founded the JNF Latin Division for the Florida Southeast Region, where she served as Executive Director from 1984-1994. As Chairman of Instituto Cultural Floridiano Israeli from 1988-1994, Nily received the Galardon de Jose Marti Award, an honor bestowed by Miami’s Cuban community on individuals of different races and creeds who have contributed to the community at large. She is a life member and honoree of Hadassah WIZO, a Federation Lion of Judah, a member of AIPAC, and a recipient of the Weitzman Institute of Science “Women of Vision” award, which is presented to women who inspire and facilitate exemplary excellence in leadership, business, education, medicine and philanthropy.

Nily’s greatest passion is the well-being of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). From 1998 to 2000, she served as President of the Florida Chapter of the FIDF and Chairman of the Southeast Region in 2003. In 2007, she became the National President of the FIDF for the United States and Panama, and was elected in 2011 as National Chairman for U.S.A and Panama, a position that she still occupies. Nily has been a member of the FIDF National Board of Directors since 1998, and she has served on the National Executive Committee since 2003. She was also responsible for conceiving and opening the FIDF Chapters in Panama and Las Vegas.

Nily’s eighteen years of experience as an educator have played a large role in the FIDF’s efforts to promote a variety of educational programs that allow IDF soldiers to become vibrant contributors to Israeli society. According to Nily “The FIDF is the extended family of the IDF’s brave men and women in uniform. I feel that these soldiers are our children and they must know that they don’t stand alone. Israel and the IDF are synonymous. It is our common obligation, as Jews wherever we may be, to support the State of Israel. By our expression of gratitude to the brave young men and women soldiers of the IDF, guardians of the Jewish State and our Jewish people at large, we are building together a better future for us all”. Recently, the FIDF Miami Solidarity Gala which took place on February 26th, 2015 honored Nily Falic.


As the great Talmudic sage, Rabbi Hillel, famously said “What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow” and “don’t judge your fellow man until you are in his place.” These quotes embody the values that guide Nily’s life: kindness, tolerance, humility, generosity, love and unwavering commitment to family, the community, Israel and all good causes. These values, combined with perseverance, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and a deep respect for everyone with whom she has worked, have led the many successes that she has achieved in her leadership roles.

From left to right Moshe Levi, Jana Falic, Danelle Levi, Lisa Falic Groisman, Nily Falic, Tila Falic Levi, Shena Falic Dominitz, Simon Falic and Gabriel Groisman.


Mrs. Jana Falic has exemplary leadership qualities, where she is the breathing example of a woman of valor. Her mother is a survivor and her father Z”L was a Russian Soldier during the Second World War. He took his wife and two sons out of the Soviet Union in 1957. Her husband and partner is Simon Falic, who, as she always says, “is the one that makes it all happen”. She has three daughters named Tila, Lisa, and Shena. The three work for the community. Lisa was the Wizo Chapter Chairman and Shena just moved from New York, and is the Wizo Chapter Chairman. Her only son Samuel volunteered to the Israeli Army as a paratrooper. She considers Israel to be her homeland, and has dedicated her time and effort extensively towards protecting her brothers and sisters.

Jana understands that being a member of WIZO is a lifelong commitment. From a young age, she became acquainted with WIZO’s intricacies and endeavors. Once she moved to Miami, she founded the Youth Chapter. Nowadays, she is the Co-President of WIZO USA. With her tremendous empathy, Mrs. Falic continuously travels to Israel and is an inspiration to others. Her motivation is Israel and she is a woman who realizes that there is room for improvement. As a result, she continues to exemplify her dedication and makes things happen. She has become a tremendous inspiration for others with a humble attitude in order to help Israel. Jana’s passion stems from her family-oriented and community-driven values.

In Jana’s own words, “To me, WIZO means family, a family of over 280,000 talented and committed volunteers from all over the world, whose hard work enables us to improve the lives of the children and families in Israel. These volunteers are my sisters, and together we are caring for the same causes and ideals—Eretz Israel, Medinat Israel, and Am Israel. In each soldier I see walking down the street, I see my son. In every child who enters a WIZO Day Care Center, I see my children and grandchildren. With each and every person who benefits from one of over 800 WIZO programs, my heart fills with joy and pride.”

These two exemplary women have demonstrated the meaning of L’Dor Va Dor: Generation to Generation. When kindness meets passion, the inculcation of good deeds is transferred to each generation, making a better world from generation to generation.